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Have you ever debated with yourself whether or not you should haul or drive your car to a car show?



Have you ever debated when and if you should load your car when heading to a Car Show?  This weekend I’m headed upto Milwaukee for the Car Craft Nationals..  Last year I drove Irish Eyes to Detroit for the Woodward Cruise ~ 350 miles each way.  The car drove very well on the highway, but unfortunately it broke down while on Woodward Boulvard in Pontiac Michigan.  After an expensive tow back to the hotel;  I was aided by other club members in the use of a truck and trailer to haul my car to a mechanic for service and I was back on the road the next day.  I truly enjoyed the drive and glad I drove the car that weekend.  Now it’s time for another trip this time only 120 miles away.  Do you Trailer the car or Drive the car is the question?


I now find myself watching the weather report 3 days before the trip…one day it say’s 40% chance of Thunderstorms the next day is Clear.  Can’t the weather man ever makeup his mind?   I really don’t want to show up with the trailer, but gas mileage is better, Air Conditioning works better in the Truck verses the Convertible.    Although I have a power top, I do not have wiper blades or even a motor  for the the blades, after all who wants to drive in the Rain.

So what are the Pros and Cons of taking the Trailer?

Pros :

Comfortable quiet ride in the Airconditioning

Comfort of knowing the car is safely tucked away ready for use

The car will arrive Clean and Ready to Run

You can bring all the supplies and tools you want including a spare set of wheels if you blow the current ones doing burnouts.



Eveyone wants a Trailer Queen, but everyone appreciates a driveable car

You loose all the oows and aahs as you rumble up the highway with people taking pictures as you pass

You stick out from the Convoy of Cars headed to the Show

You have to find a separate parking place to leave the Truck and Trailer.

So what would you Choose?  I’ll let you know what I decided after the Show.

Thank you,

Kevin Callahan


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