Gracious Supporters

The Windy City Goats acknowledge the support of these fine entities and ask you to please consider them when appropriate.

Listed alphabetically, they are:

  • PAS Enterprises, click here PAS ENTERPRISES
    • Providing custom vehicular electronics systems solutions.
    • Electronic Powertrain management, custom audio and SSL lighting are areas that PAS Enterprises is actively involved in.


  • The Pontiac Tripower Team, click here PONTIAC TRIPOWER
    • 2013 has been a busy year for John & Mike. In January, John took over running the shopping cart. This left Mike with more time to do restoration work and build tri-power units for their customers. John has been working to add related items to the shopping cart. In 2013, at least 15 new items were added, from fuel regulators to distributor re-curve kits.
    • John & Mike want this page to offer the parts and help needed to restore your tri-power, including the small detail parts others do not sell.  They may have small parts and even used original “hard to find ” parts available that are not in the shopping cart.  Feel free to e-mail either of them if you need something you cannot find.  If you prefer to have John & Mike do the restoration work, or supply a complete tri-power for your vintage Pontiac, they can do that as well.
    • John & Mike now refer to the business as “The Pontiac Tri-power Team.”  That is just how they see it.  The new page gives you a choice of e-mailing questions to either of them.  Questions regarding purchases off the page, or advice regarding what parts you might need, should be directed to John.  However, if you are having issues with your tri-power and need advice, or if you are considering having Mike do the restoration work on your tri-power, or build a unit for you, direct the e-mail to Mike.  Click on CONTACT in the gray bar running across the top of the page to reach either of them.

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