The Windy City Goats (WCG) welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy your visit.  We are proud to be the official Chicagoland Chapter of the national GTO Association of America (GTOAA).

We are an organization of Pontiac GTO fanatics who are dedicated to preserving the heritage, knowledge base, and greatness of the Pontiac GTO.  We proudly present our MISSION STATEMENT as the second tab of our website.  These words are dear to us because they positively reflect who we are and what we stand for.

Collectively the WCG Members have crafted their own Constitution and Bylaws as a base to govern the WCG.  We have incorporated unique items in these two documents taken from our MISSION STATEMENT and the experience of the members.

Since you are reading this, we are seriously interested in you joining us if you share the interest and passion in the Pontiac GTO as all WCG members do.  A membership application is located in the WCG MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION tab.  Please take a look, print it out, fill it out, and get it to us by US Mail.

By being a Chapter of the GTOAA, all members of our club must also be members in good standing of the GTOAA.  A link to their website is located in the LINKS tab.  Please review what the GTOAA has to offer.

Take a close look at our  MISSION STATEMENT.  Our members are certainly here for fun and fellowship, but we also understand we have a duty to promote the Pontiac GTO.  The vast experience and knowledge of our members will go a long way in achieving that.  To continue the legacy of the GTO, we will have car shows and make numerous other public appearances to promote our love, the Pontiac GTO.

Speaking of love, member spouses are encouraged to participate and can have full membership status, including full voting privileges.  In addition to that, our MISSION STATEMENT also recognizes the importance of family by promoting a family atmosphere and family values.

The WCG meets regularly at Mullen’s Bar & Grill in Lisle, IL, at 2:00 PM, normally on the fourth Saturday of each month.  We modify our dates to accommodate the Holiday periods  You can find complete information about our meetings under the CHAPTER MEETINGS tab.

Come and join us!  Come see our GTOs!  We have award winning GTOs to offer as eye candy, and we love to talk about our goats.  We hope to see you soon.  If you have questions that are not answered in our website, please refer to the CONTACT US tab for directing your questions for answers.


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